I have what used to be called a good work ethic. That means when I am working, I am working hard. I listen hard, I think hard and I write hard.

And I am a strategic thinker. That means when I work for you, great writing is not enough. My writing must be clear, concise and compelling. It must convince readers that what you are saying matters and that they will benefit by listening.

Whether you are offering a product, a service, a vision or even just an idea, I want nothing less than for more people to buy—or buy into—your message.

Here’s what some of my clients think of our work.

“Working with you was a pleasure. You certainly got us to a place where I was able to get you the right information and direction in very short order, and the final result is by far the most compelling CV I have had. As someone who knows good communications material, but has always struggled to make it when selling myself and my experience, it is really great to see what you managed to pull together.”

W. John Power
Senior Communications Strategist

“It was a pleasure to work with them. They took my firm’s ideas, brought them to life, polished them and made us shine in our promotional materials. Highly recommended.”

Paul Lewandowski
Criminal Defence Attorney

“Thank you very much for the great writing on the press release. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!”

Roger Pattison, CEO
Grill Master Express

“The content and advice I received really transformed my website for the better—it was like night and day! I anticipate obtaining many more new clients than I would have had otherwise.

“Their services were very timely, professional, first-rate and responsive. My website now looks very professional and I am getting many compliments on it.

“I would recommend that anyone setting up a website or preparing a brochure use their services—money well spent.”

Norman C. Miller
Chartered Accountant

Oh, please stop. . .

“Any good writer can use proper grammar and spelling but the writers stand out because they write to sell. Even more than that, they produce text that needs little, if any, revisions—that makes my job a lot easier.

“I also appreciate that they provide regular progress reports. It’s important for me to stay on top of things and with their writers, I always know what’s going on.”

Taylor Hunter
Inside Edge Properties

“It is always a pleasure working with this company. They are quick to get up to speed, highly focused and willing to listen, three qualities that ensure we get top-quality communications advice and products. When we work together, we expect great things and we are never disappointed. I am pleased to recommend them.”

Paul Benoit
Ottawa International Airport Authority

“They were able to take my thoughts and translate them into the exact message I wanted to get across, not only to my clients, but to prospective clients, as well. The people were outstanding. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone who wanted to effectively get their message out. Did I mention they also made it fun?”

Judith Cane
Antara Financial Group

“I wanted to thank you for your help putting our sponsorship booklets together. This booklet would never have turned out so great if we had done it in-house and it is all thanks to the great team you had working on it.”

Suzanne Wert
Orléans–Cumberland Community Resource Centre

You’re making us blush!

“As you know, the report you helped us write, Powering Up Canadian Prosperity, was released at our annual general meeting in October.

“I thought that you’d like to know the reaction to Powering Up has been very positive. Included in this commentary was how clear and effective the messaging is. For example, the Secretary General of an important international agency commented that it was one of the best reports he’d read.

“The importance of what we had to say is self-evident. The need to deliver this message in a compelling way was essential. Our success on the latter is directly attributable to the many, many hours and talent you put into this report.

“Please accept my thanks for the dedication and effort you put into Powering Up. We sincerely appreciate that you put far more work into it than either of us intended at the outset. There is no doubt that Adams Jette’s commitment to ‘getting it right, no matter what it takes’ has turned our ideas into a platform document we’ll be able to use for years to come.”

Shirley-Ann George
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Really, you don’t have to say that. (But we don’t mind.)

“Thank you for the very professional job. We received very positive feedback from customers.”

George Boszormeny
Castor Heating and Cooling

“All I have to say is WOW, what great content! So straightforward, no fluff, very smart. I am so impressed! But not surprised!”

Julia Borgan
ABORG Computing

“In a short amount of time, the team provided the clinic with a comprehensive communications strategy that dramatically improved the awareness of the clinic to physicians and patients in the community.”

Simon Akinsulie
The Ottawa Hospital Weight Management Clinic

“The team provides a high-quality service with a client-first approach that is much appreciated, especially when it comes to budgets and timelines.”

Mike Lalonde
Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism

“The service and, more importantly, the quality are exceptional. They always go the extra mile while consistently delivering products on time and within budget.”

Monica Helgoth
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

“One thing that is apparent immediately is that the writers have a solid understanding of marketing and of what it takes, specifically, to “sell” our organization. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the advice is always backed up with solid reasoning. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Peter Stewart
Orléans Chamber of Commerce

This is getting embarrassing.

“We have been using their TOUCHpoint newsletter product for several months now. We are extremely pleased with everything from the writing and design to the top-notch customer service—and the results have been fantastic.

“The newsletter itself looks very professional and comes out on time, every time. It doesn’t matter what we do at the last minute, we are always accommodated. Perhaps more than anything, it’s a very affordable way to save me time—and we can always use more of that!

“We had a sense from day one that working with their team would be fun and we weren’t disappointed. Ron and Brenda are incredibly customer-focused. Whenever I need advice, they deliver—and the advice is always backed up with sound reasoning.”

Linda Cook
Ottawa Farmers’ Market

“The team did a terrific job of taking our bare facts, researching the third-party requirements, asking the right questions of us and putting together an award-winning proposal under a very tight deadline. They are easy—and even fun—to work with.

“As a writer by profession I was reluctant to accept the need for someone else to write for me, but I now recognize the tremendous benefit and value in having a professional do our business writing. I have recommended them to my business clients so they can achieve greater success in their businesses.”

Craig Bater
Augustine Bater Binks

“I cannot express how pleased I am with the final result and that fate brought us together on this project. Thank you!”

Lee Underwood
Trinity Communications Group

“They were not afraid to challenge us or make us think about issues that had an impact on our message. At the same time, they gave us options that helped us move forward.

“The writing was strong, positive and benefit-driven. Our expectations were high, their delivery was higher.”

Mike Feinson
Innovation Partners International

“I know the value of always keeping in contact with my customers—I see it every day—but it is tough to find the time to do it on a regular basis. With their customer contact program, they take care of everything, giving me a highly customized monthly electronic news bulletin that is both useful to my customers and keeps them aware of us and what we offer. Best of all, it costs far less than advertising and other less-targeted ways of reaching our market.”

Chef Marc Miron
Cuisine & Passion Gourmet Foods

Thanks, Chef! We like your cooking, too!

“The team offers excellent, timely and high-quality service. She takes the time to make sure she understands our unique needs.”

Sarah Kaplan
Cornwall Community Hospital

“One of the best things about the writers is that they know how to add just enough spice to make even the most basic information interesting and understandable. And no matter how complex or tight the deadline, we always get service with a smile.”

Lise Poissant
Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

“As well as the fast and friendly service, what I appreciate most is their careful attention to detail while still keeping an eye on the big picture.”

Susan Mogensen
International Policy Governance Association

“We were most impressed with how the writer was able to take complex ideas and present them in straightforward, clear language. They were systematic, professional and thoroughly engaged in the process—taking ownership of the challenges allowed them to give us exactly what we needed.”

Robert De Wit
MultiNexus Corporation

Don’t stop now!

“We really enjoyed working with your writer… He did an amazing job of spinning our dry text into marketing copy that is easy to understand.”

Cybèle Trottier-Vogelsang
Transport Canada

“They edited a summary report for us on very short notice. After Ron got through what we had provided, it was like a whole different report: clear, concise and professionally modified. He even took the time—under already tight timelines—to edit a series of data tables that gave the report that extra touch. Very impressive. We will definitely not hesitate to use their services again.”

Julio Garasa
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

“Thanks for your assistance with this project—we are very pleased with both the speed and the quality of your work. It became clear soon after we began that you share our commitment to providing value in terms of great service and high-quality products. We look forward to working with you, again, soon.”

John Liptak
OakWood Design + Build

“The team offers just about everything you could ask for: they are easy to work with, client-centric, knowledgeable and respectful of budgets and timelines. A real delight.”

Susan Lewis

“They have been most helpful in their ability to write clear and professional announcements with a very positive spin, while honouring our cultural style and working under very tight deadlines. They seem to know just what questions to ask to be able to produce high-impact communications with very little involvement from me.”

Joanne Rivard

“The staff are incredibly gifted in the art of language and have a unique way of sharing their expertise while respecting one’s original ideas. Working with them is like working with old friends.”

Natalie St-Denis
University Of Ottawa

“Excellent video! It complements the presentation I am giving this year very well.”

Bob Grant
Transport Canada

“They were able to take very complex material and turn it quickly into product that we could use to address questions and concerns from a range of stakeholders. The writer was easy to work with and very accommodating. It was a pleasure to have him on board. The writer instilled in us a strong sense of confidence—and he didn’t disappoint.”

Valerie Lasher
Health Canada

Yup, that’s us!

“I appreciate the range of services they provide. I don’t have to deal with different people to get several services. Having a single point of contact simplifies my life and I need that. As well as being patient, responsive and good with details, these folks are just good people.”

Scott Robertson
Tasman Financial Services

“Their editors and writers ensure that our newsletters are not just grammatically correct, but that they have a sense of style that make them easy to read. The reality of tourism economics is that we often have to talk about numbers. Your writer makes sure the numbers are both meaningful and interesting to read.”

Marta Stelmaschuk
The Conference Board of Canada

“Thanks—looks fantastic! We are really happy with the way this has turned out—GREAT job!”

Chad Doucette
Sleep Strategies Inc.

“They ably assisted me in getting the story of my late father, Dr. Bud Keenan, into the Globe and Mail’s Lives Lived section. Competition for this column is intense with many more biographies submitted than can be printed. Their writing skills succeeded in crafting a story that made for great reading.”

Dr. Dirk Keenan
Keenan Health Centre

“Working with you was a real pleasure. I am amazed by your talent and creativity.”

Colette Ouellet
Champlain Infection Control Network

Okay, just one three more and that’s it.

“We can always count on their team to provide quality editing on time—whether it is an urgent ministerial message, an MP kit or a press release with a quick turnaround time, a large public report that needs plain language to reach its audience, or a regular edit of our many public documents—they always understand our requirements, work within our guidelines and deliver texts that could have been done by our own editors. We turn to them whenever we need extra help!”

Line Caouette
HRSDC Linguistic Services

“I would like to thank the entire team for all of the hard work and superior customer service we have received on the many high-demand projects we have given you over the last several years.

“As you know, we depend on our suppliers as extended members of our own team to serve our large national constituency across Canada—in both official languages. The capacity to respond quickly and deliver quality products and services at competitive prices, is typically the reason most project managers outsource work repeatedly to the same vendor.

“I would confidently recommend your services to other organizations and am pleased to spread the word.”

Patti Galbraith
Canadian Grocery HR Council

“Our firm first hired the team in the fall of 2011 to write copy and material for our new website being designed at that time. We have hired them since that time on at least two further occasions both for further web work and for other smaller ‘pieces’ because, among other things, their work is catchy, it attracts customers and they are a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend them to smaller and mid-sized business owners looking for a competitive edge. They really helped AGBL tell a true story of worth and value to our customers—a story we would not have been able to convey without this excellent agency.”

Gaetan Buttigieg
AGB Lawyers

Whew! I think that’s enough for now. We like to add your comment to this list but the only way to do that is to allow us to do great work for you. Contact me now at 613-850-5554 (talk or text) or drop me a line at ron@ronjette.com. Or, if it’s easier, you can use this form.