White papers

There are lots of reasons to publish white papers. For starters, people are looking for solutions. If you have one, why not tell the world in a format they will read, understand and trust, one that is in their language and speaks to their problems?

White papers are common in the technology sector. Generally, they spell out a problem and then offer a solution with their particular technology. But the tone is not one that marketers normally adopt. Instead, white papers are generally more informative and void of the language of selling.

That’s not unlike what the rest of us in marketing do: we find solutions to problems and offer them to others who face the same problem. Is a white paper for you?

A well, written, professionally prepared white paper might be just what you need to promote your business or organization. Use the form below or contact me today at ron@ronjette.com or 613-850-5554 (text and talk) and we’ll get things started.