Direct mail

With the Canadian anti-spam law in place, the long lost art of writing actual letters has made a comeback.

Call it direct mail or direct response, either way, we write personalized and bulk-mail letters to inspire action. Whether you are writing to a few dozen people or a few thousand, we can tell your story in a way that compels people to buy—or buy in.

Why are our direct response letters so successful? Because we are not just writers, we are writers with empathy. We put ourselves in the recipients shoes and ask ourselves, “What would make me buy this product or service?” “What would compel me to take out a membership in this association?” “What would convince me to give money to this (obviously) worthwhile cause?”

When we can answer those questions—and not until—we sit down to write. Successfully.

Use the form below or contact me today at or 613-850-5554 (text and talk) and put my expertise to work. Let’s talk about how we can get direct mail working for you.