Case studies

Why write case studies? The obvious reason is that they are real-world examples of your solution in operation. Your products, services or ideas are shown to work.

But that’s not the only reason a case study can be helpful. If people can see themselves in your case study, they are more likely to believe your solution would work. After all, it worked for someone else just like them.

Case studies can also be used to showcase your offer—or, even specific parts of your offer. Even more than that, stories are simply more interesting than facts and figures about a product or service.

You probably have lots of untapped case studies among your client files. Why not let me find some, write a few case studies and help you show potential new clients, members or stakeholders how helpful you can be to them, too. Use the form below or contact me today at or 613-850-5554 (text and talk and let’s get started.