Is there a better way to stay top-of-mind with your customers, stakeholders or members than to communicate with them regularly in a format that is of value, and is easy to read and even easier to act on?

Regular contact with customers, stakeholders or members can help you

    • increase sales (including upselling and cross-selling);
    • increases buy-in from members and funders and keep them onside;
    • turn fence-sitters into supporters;
    • provide customers and supporters with updates that will benefit them;
    • become the go-to expert in your issue;
    • provide an open, two-way dialogue with customers, stakeholders or members;
    • keep a month-to-month record of your news and activities;
    • give you a low-cost, instantaneous channel for sending messages;and
    • hypercharge and leverage your existing marketing efforts.

Newsletters are one of the most affordable ways to get out the good word. But who has the time?

I do!

Use the form below or contact me today at or 613-850-5554 (text and talk) to find out how you can send out regular newsletters and still have time to address all the other things that need your attention.