Giving back is good for business

Your business, whether you like it or not, is more than just an enterprise. It is a living, breathing citizen of our community. It gives and it takes­—just like real people. It pays taxes to and benefits from local government—just like real people.

And, just like people, businesses have certain responsibilities within a community. They have a responsibility to help nurture and sustain our community. They have a responsibility to get involved.

Here’s the good news. Getting involved is really, really good for business.

People want to do business with companies that “do good,” that have solid environmental practices and that contribute to their community’s well-being.

It’s called corporate social responsibility (CSR) and it can bring many direct benefits to your business:

  • it can set you apart in your industry or sector;
  • our good and “giving” reputation will make it easier to recruit and keep employees, which, in itself, is a cost-saving
  • your employees will be better motivated, will stay longer and will be more productive;
  • it may help ensure you comply with regulatory requirements;
  • activities in the local community are ideal opportunities to generate positive media coverage;
  • good relationships with local authorities make doing business easier;
  • understanding the wider impact of your business can help you come up with profitable new products and services; and
  • CSR can make you more competitive while reducing the risk of sudden damage to your reputation—investors recognize this and may be more willing to finance you.
  • Maybe you sponsor a hockey team or an event that raises money for a local social or health agency. Maybe you give to the community food bank. Maybe you support environmental-awareness programs.

Whatever you are doing as a socially responsible company, realize that it is making a difference. And not just to the community. It is also boosting your brand and making it more relevant to people who buy from you.

Get involved! Make your community the best place in the world to live, work and play.

Because when you give a little you gain a lot. Guaranteed.